Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Please pray for us:
  • That we will be able to quickly learn the culture and language
  • We will have safe flights to Manila
  • God will lead us to a learning program for the children and what we should do
  • For the leadership in the Philippines so they can give us guidance once we get there
  • Which side of the island we should go for language learning
  • Our last few days in South Africa that our plans and preperations go smoothly

Thank to all of you that is helping us in taking the good news to those that have not been so privelaged to have heard it before. Please let us know if you have any prayer requests and we will pray for you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please pray for:

The 40 days purpose driven life that people in Brakpan will give their lives completely to God and believe in Christ and start to follow Him
The coffee bar with the youth that I will be able to talk clearly with the kids and that they will be open to the Gospel.
Our finances that we will get to the required amount as soon as possible so that we can go out to the mission field.
The Lord will send people on our way to whom we can witness and challenge for the mission field.
People in our church where we have shared about NTM will be open for missions and start to get involved.
The Lord will start to prepare the ground already now for the group where we will work with in the Philippines.
A couple would like to join NTM next year, please ask the Lord to open the doors for them and supply them the finances needed to be able to go.
The prayer group that we have joined on Tuesday mornings. That the Lord will keep the group going and have a close relationship with Him.

Praise the Lord for:

Our one church offered a house they have to us so we will be moving in a couple of days. Please praise the Lord for His care for us and providing a new place to stay.
A lady offered us a car while we are in SA. We are so thankfull as it is so needed while we go and see so many churches and people.
The commitments people already made since we have been back to get invloved in our ministry.
For the people He has already sent on our path to whom we could have shared and challenged.
That He is raising people up to go out into the harvest and spread the Gospel to those that have never heard.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Please pray for comfort as Vina's dad's is being burried today.
We know God will provide but we dont know if He wants us to go immediately to the Philippines or first to South Africa. Please ask Him to make it clear to us and for us to rest in His will for us.
Praise for health for the whole family and the opportunity He gave us to give testimonies in a baptist church here in England on 12 November 06.
Praise for Him that work in our lifes on a daily basis.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Thanks for:
1. Good health
2. Wonderfull time we had in South Africa
3. Safe journey from South Africa and that the children did not vomit in the plane
4. People that looked so well after us in South Africa

Pray for:
1. Ministers of churches we spoke to that they can get involved in missions
2. Financial support raised from churches and individuals
3. People that were challenged to join the mission field to be obedient
4. Our training that start soon.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Latest prayers

Thank you for:
1. Thank God for our good health
2. Praise the Lord for the healing in Leon's fingers
3. Thanks to Him for our opportunity to learn so much about Him every day
4. Thank Him for the daily strength we receive from Him
5. Thank Him for Redemption through His son Jesus our Saviour.
6. For understanding that He (the creator of all) is in charge and everything will work out as He wants it and therefore we can thank Him.

Please pray for:
1. Continuos healing with Leon's fingers
2. Vina's dad for good health
3. Knowledge and wisdom while we study in His word every day
4. Good health for us and our children
5. Strength for our last two tearms

Thank you for all your prayers.

Le Roux's

Monday, March 06, 2006

Praying points

Please pray and praise for the following:

1. Wisdom in God's word
2. Good health for the children
3. Vina will have a wonderfull birthday
4. Vina se pa wat nie gered is nie en wat nie Christus in sy lewe het nie en gesondheid is baie sleg.

1. All the goodness we receive on a daily basis from Him
2. Good health for us as a family
3. Providing for us everyday
4. Vina se pa is vanoggend 18 Maart 06 gered en het Christus aangeneem. Meer daaroor om ons home page!!!!